Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lights of Provo

While up in Provo, Tami and I went looking at Christmas lights. So here are just a few that we saw, and tomorrow, I think we are going out to Thanksgiving point. Check back tomorrow for more.
So, This tree is called Eleanors Tree, because she is such a pink girl.

Quad Ride to Grand Wash Cliffs

And Friday, the day after the big turkey celebration, Brian, Maddie, Melissa, Catherine and Me (Kathy) went on a quad ride to the top of the Grand Wash Cliffs. Unfortunately, we got lost. But.....we did find our way. But.....we only made it to one of the two locations. But.....it was beautiful.

Thanksgiving 2011

So, for Thanksgiving, we had a nice family dinner at our house.  Grandma and Grandpa Peterson, Randy and family, Melissa and family and Brian and Maddie joined us for dinner.  We eventually finished dinner and then had a wonderful birthday cheesecake for Melissa.


Work and now Play

Well, it has been a very busy time for me. I have worked through the summer and into the fall.  Usually I work 4-6 days a week and my days begin at 4:30 am and end about 8:00 pm, so my days are long and very busy. It is finally slowing down (like a sudden stop) and now I am getting only 2 days a week, so it's time to have my life back.  So, I decided to go visit Tami and her family.  I took up their Christmas presents. 

This morning I woke up to the sound of the little kids in my room looking for a snuggly grandma.  It seems that their mama (Tami) told them if they have nightmares to go snuggle up to Grandma, she gets rid of bad dreams fast.  So Riley got all excited and told his mom he hoped he has a nightmare tonight. 

Here is a picture of Eleanor and myself showing off our red nails.  She is so girly. Poor Tami. It is so nice to have time to blog again.

Our Family

Our Family
Sadly Outdated again. Kids???

Caroline and Kimmee

Caroline and Kimmee
This is just precious. I love these old fashion pictures.

Sweet Becky

Sweet Becky
Becky is no longer with us here on this earth. She died December 9, 2005 from brain trauma. She was hit by a car while crossing the street. She lived for 10 days. During that time she called everyone and told them how much she loved them all. We thought she would make it. Sadly she slipped back into a coma and died. She touched many lives and we treasure the times we had with her, especially those last days in the hospital. Her organs live on in 5 other people, one of them was a 3 month old baby. Another a young man 6 months younger than her. He brought her heart home. He came to see us last summer. Becky I am sure would have wanted to do this. We will always miss her.